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what is "the confirmation project" anyway?

Including: "Why we cancelled escrow" and "How we are moving forward"

WHAT HAPPENED?: The Lord simply said "Not Yet"!!!

While we were blessed to raise the required $80,000 (representing 30% of the purchasing price as a down payment), we were unable to get the owner of the land and the owner of the adjoining lot to correct the encroachment that is visible in the "yellow" trapezoid in the above photo. It would have costs us literally thousands in legal fees to fight the encroachment, from day-one after the close. Additionally, the City of Santa Clarita appeared reluctant to grant the necessary permit to "cut in" a driveway that was necessary to access the lot, among other things. Amazing, on the actual day we were scheduled to close escrow, while surveying and measuring the lot for the building, Pastor Carthel heard the Lord say "Not Yet" (several times)...ON THE DAY ESCROW WAS SCHEDULED TO CLOSE, WITH THE $80,000 IN-HAND!!! After seeking clarity form the Lord, considerable prayer, frustration, disappointment, and confusion Pastor painfully obeyed the voice of the Lord and cancelled escrow to purchase the land on the day we were set to close escrow. Fortunately, it was within our due diligence period and we received 100% of our Ernest Money Deposit. Surprisingly, within days of us cancelling escrow, the owner increased the price by nearly $60,000 (from $290K to $349K). As of Oct. 5, 2019 the lot is still listed (unsold) and has been on the market for  278 days. We'll see what the Lord says... 


Great question! All pledges and donations that were collected have been deposited into an interest-bearing savings account that is being managed by our Pastoral Advisory Board (FYI: No one on the Leadership Team is involved with managing the account...we don't play those type of games with God's money). If you would like a full accounting of your donation and the actual balance in the account please email us at and we will gladly provide the detail without compromising the identity of those who wish their identity, as well as their donations, to remain anonymous. We are 100% transparent, will provide full disclosure upon request (within limits of course...over 90% of the donors want to remain anonymous ), and will remain accountable to the Lord and you as good stewards of your sacrificial giving. This is the Lord's money, given for kingdom business and we will treat it as such AT ALL TIMES!!! So, if you ever want more information about the money, we are simply an email away. However, please remember that there are some things we are not allowed to share.


Please know that we have NOT GIVEN UP on the vision of owing our own land/building so we can conduct ministry the way we have been called without "landlord limitations". Therefore, we are STILL scouring the valley for a small lot to purchase that's within our budget (around $300,000). That's gonna take a miracle in the Santa Clarita Valley as the average price for an acre lot is around $1M (one-million dollars). So, we definitely need your prayers to find this land and receive favor from the owner, as well as the Lord, to structure a deal that works for EC3.

GOING FORWARD: We are running very, very lean at the moment and saving as much as we can. We have greatly limited our Sunday meals, found a location (Valencia Hilton) that fits well within our budget, cancelled the storage fee for the church van, streamlined our marketing & promotional expenses, minimized our  Sunday Road Trips on 3rd Sundays, continued the use of videos for praise & worship (saving thousands a month on paid musicians), and still have a 100% all-volunteer leadership team including Pastor Carthel as Founder/Senior Pastor, Sis. Tanya as First Lady, and Sis. Monique as our Executive Pastor. The goal is to minimize our cash outflow (expenses), and maximize our inflow (tithes/offerings). Not only will this help us logistically, it will create "stronger financials" as we prepare to approach lenders for the financing needed to purchase the land and acquire the buildings.


Many of you have prayed, as well as given sacrificially to help us reach our $80,000 goal, and for that we say THANK YOU!!! There are still a few pledges that have not been completed...we're asking you to pray about how the Lord can make that happen. Also, if you see or hear of any available land in the Canyon Country area of Santa Clarita please let us know ( Lastly, PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY that we only do God's will during this process. This is a major leap-of-faith for us, and it's littered with challenges around every corner. But, we're believing God and we know that He alone can do it...we just gotta remain faithful. We don't want to become impatient (be anxious for nothing) and we don't want to become complacent either (make your request known before the Lord) ...WE ONLY WANNA DO GOD'S WILL. So, please keep that lifted in prayer. Oh yeah, I almost can join the list of folks who are still giving during the season of saving...all the details are above. THANK YOU!!!


EC3 has been looking for space to lease/rent in the Santa Clarita Valley (specifically the Canyon Country area) for the past 18 months. Unfortunately, most property owners (as well as the City) are reluctant to lease retail space to churches. And, those that do are charging extremely high rental rates. Additionally, those that decide to lease their space, the City requires a Modified Use Permit, Conditional Use Permit, Traffic Survey, as well as Shared Parking Agreements with the surrounding tenants. Then, there are the needed tenant improvements to rehab the space for mass assembly (church use). Again, a very rigorous, lengthy, and expensive process that does NOT guarantee approval of the plans. So, we did as MOST churches do and started having church in hotels ballrooms and local public school shoveling out thousands of dollars each month for only a few hours on Sunday (no use during the week or in the evenings). 

Well, recently Pastor Carthel and 1st Lady Tanya vacationed in Jamaica where he had a chance to disconnect from the daily demands of his hectic schedule and was able to clearly hear from God about many things, including EC3’s future. The Lord revealed to Pastor Carthel “why” all the rental/lease doors were being closed. He (The Lord) told Pastor Carthel that the plan for EC3 was given to him (Pastor Carthel) when he first launched EC3 18-months ago, that IT HAD NOT CHANGED, that he (Pastor Carthel) had strayed away from the vision, and that I needed to "reconnect" with the essence of the vision given when he started the church 18-months. Basically, the Lord told Pastor Carthel (when he first launched EC3) to find land, purchase it, and build the church on the land. That vision was given 18-months ago and NEVER CHANGED!!!

Upon returning from Jamaica, Pastor Carthel was “on fire” for the Lord. Unfortunately, he STILL was under the old/disobedient mindset and again started looking for space to rent/lease thinking land was too expensive to purchase (average vacant commercially zoned lots in the Santa Clarita Valley area average $1.3M). After disobediently searching for spaces to rent/lease and being told “No” by virtually everyone Pastor Carthel finally remembers the revelations weeks ago in Jamaica and started looking for VACANT LAND TO PURCHASE. 

Within days of looking, Pastor Carthel found a lot that he had looked at several times that was unavailable. Well, this time it had had just fallen out of escrow became available. Pastor Carthel called the Listing Agent (Fay) and started negotiations (without ever telling the church). After a few back-and-forths EC3’s offer was finally accepted. After acceptance, Pastor Carthel called a mandatory meeting of the leadership team and advisory board. The plan was presented and received unanimous support. Over the next few days escrow was opened, and the process officially begin to purchase our FIRST piece of land.


It is called The Confirmation Project because the entire project is "confirmation" of the vision the Lord gave Pastor Carthel when he first launched EC3 18-months ago in Nov. 2017.


The project is broken down in four phases for specific prayer requests, easier fundraising, and logistical management. 


Phase 1 – Purchase

Purchase the vacant lot though a 30-day escrow by raising 30% of the purchase price as down payment. During this time all due diligence will be conducted to ensure clear title, proper zoning, usability, easement logistics, and any other items that impacts the “use” of the land as a church and community center.


Phase 2 – Prepare

Prepare the lot for the buildings/structures. This will include bringing utilities to the site, removal of existing structures, weed abatement, parameter fencing, leveling uneven areas, pouring blacktop, cut driveway to enter parking lot, and any other preliminary items prior to erecting buildings/structures. 

Phase 3 - Plant

The planting phase is where we actually start erecting the buildings and other structures. Thereby officially “planting” the church firmly within the Canyon Country community as a resource and refuge for local residents.

Phase 4 - Present

After the buildings and other structures have been fully erected, we will invite the entire community and “present” all the benefits and resources EC3 is bringing to the community. This will include our 45-min Saturday Morning Gospel workout, Bible Study, Community Kitchen (free food), Community Closet (free clothes), outdoor movie nights in the parking lot, free showers, free laundry (one load per person), free grooming (humans and pets), dress-for-success classes, computer training, financial literacy workshops, toiletry/hygiene kits, 3-on-3 basketball tournaments, etc.

12-Page Info Packet

A 12-Page PDF document with all the details of The Confirmation Project in one-place (including pictures).

It also contains links to "Donate Now".

12-Page Information Packet (pdf)