About the Weekend Warrior Fitness Program

The weekend Warrior Fitness Program is designed to get and keep us physically fit (exercise) and healthy (better eating habits). It is NOT A DIET PLAN or another fad focused on the hottest trend. However, it is a lifestyle change initiative that challenges us as Christian to remember that our bodies are the Lord's temple. And, as my Nanna used to say, "You are what you eat". 

Therefore, EVERY Saturday the friends, family, and members of EC3 get together to embark upon a series of "unstructured" exercise activities. Some will meet to cycle, other to walk, some to hike, while others may wanna go jogging/running. There may be times when we may decide that a particular Saturday is Cycling Saturday and in the case everyone goes cycling. The overall objective is physical activity with friends every Saturday morning.

FIRST SATURDAYS @ 7:00 AM: Every 1st Saturday we come together for a 45-minute Gospel Workout in a local (Santa Clarita Valley) park at 7:00 AM. The event welcomes congregations/Christians from all over the valley.

The program also works in conjunction with our Genesis129 Plant-based diet plan and other healthy eating alternatives.